Winter Dredging 2015/16

Dredging and winter Maintenance 2015 – 16

We will be starting our dredging programme in December 2015 beginning with row A then row D-E and finishing with row H
We also intend to renew the pontoons at the end of row A-B from B 36 to the Hammerhead.
With your help we hope to keep the disruption to a minimum.
If your vessel is currently berthed in row A or B 36 to the Hammerhead, please contact our Harbourmaster’s to find your temporary berth allocation.
Your assistance in moving your own vessel is greatly appreciated.
As works progress we will notify you when vessels in D-E and then H will need to be relocated.


BYH would like to apologise to all of our residents and visitors for any inconvenience caused byBeaver (1) this years late dredging regime.This has been caused by the recent change in the licensing process that has been centralised with the MMO in Newcastle, and has taken over 7 months to complete. I thank you for your help with this problem. Rest assured we are already submitting next years licence !